The products of the blackmamba_logo300.jpg Line illustrate today’s status of technology.

The process used originates from air transport /astronautics and the Formula 1 and is used where the very highest requirements are necessary.

All of our experiences from the cooperation with prominent cycling pros and institutes went into the construction of this saddle.


With the utilisation of high-quality materials, long-year experience and the fine feeling of our specialists, constant quality is offered. The optimal fibre volume ratio is important. Thereby, an extremely low weight and simultaneously, the best possible comfort is ensured. Every saddles is manufactured individually with highest amount of precision, documented and equipped with a serial numer. In this context, even after years, every phase of the creation of a Black Mamba product, as well as the product process to the sale to the consumer is traceable.




Every blackmamba_logo300.jpg saddle is delivered in a wooden cassette with hinged cover, optionally bedded on wood wool or cellulose film wool.