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+ Special models for physical impairments +

More than 45 million Germans practice it regularly! It is the Number One popular sport – cycling. Cycling is environmentally-friendly and promotes health. Cycling is fun -if you are sitting comfortably! For the key to perfect enjoyment of the bicycle is the correct saddle with comfort factor. Comfort Line offers specialised solutions for a problem-free and comfortable ride on cycles and exercise bicycles. A topic which up to now has not received sufficient attention.
We have seen that, despite technological innovations and medical know-how, the cycle saddle has been hardly altered at all for the comfort of the cyclist.

Some attempt has been made to change the surface slightly, make the polyurethane foam somewhat softer and use gel inserts to make the saddle a bit more comfortable. None of this has really helped cyclists and they continue to develop a sore posterior. Or there is chafing or the legs go to sleep.
Meanwhile racing cyclists, mountain and hobby bikers have a choice of more than 50 models of saddle.
With its slight angle of inclination and the integral suspension system, the Anatomic saddle offers optimum shock absorbance in every terrain. The anatomically-designed seat shell and ergonomic shape make sitting comfortable and relieve pressure on the prostate gland, pubic bone and ischium.
The Big Ben XXL Model promises to be particularly comfortable. It is designed both for people for whom comfort is of prime concern and for cyclists with a higher body weight of up to 150 kilos. The wide seating surface and the anatomically-shaped deepening bring relief to the sensitive perineal region and pressure is distributed comfortably over the whole width of the back of the seat.
The Relax 2 Model has two separate bearing surfaces, which relieve pressure on the coccyx, perineum and spinal column. Their size also ensures optimum weight distribution. Because the saddle does not curve upwards at the front, it does not cause bruising or adverse effects on the health of the genital and seating area.
Because of their individual approach Comfort Line saddle are becoming more important especially in preventative medicine and in physiotherapeutic and orthopaedic technology.
Using the saddle at present on the market causes many cyclists to develop health problems. Problems such as chafing marks, muscle cramps, problem with the spinal column or spinal discs. Erectile dysfunctions and even impotence can often be traced to cycling on badly-designed saddle. With Comfort Line products we are achieving outstanding results in our everyday work with patients with the most diverse problems and requirements. And now the Comfort Line Special saddle can be obtained by every patient in every pharmacy in Germany by means of the German PIP Code. This is certain to lead to close, excellent cooperation with Comfort Line in research and development.
The most recent Comfort Line models also stem from this cooperation…
The two-part seating area of the “Wings” Line is a mobile system, which adapts to the natural pedalling action of the cyclist. In this way, it ensures optimum circulation in the genital area, reduces unpleasant saddle pressure and feelings of numbness. Pressure on the prostate gland, pubic bone and ischial bones is relieved and at the same time the spinal discs are mobilised.
The “relax IQ” model has been longest in the development phase. Many experts have been working for years on this saddle. The result is the most intelligent and comfortable saddle of all time! This revolutionary setting system is based on bionics technology, in which sequences of movements are borrowed from Nature and translated into innovative technology.
The appearance, structure and sequence of movements of the “relax IQ” are modelled on the human spinal column and the bodily structure of the ray. As a result it adjusts from the knee via hips, pelvis and lumbar vertebrae exactly to the cyclist’s sequence of movements and relieves the pressure on all the problem zones. A saddle with the best shock absorbency characteristics on every terrain, which as a result offers an indescribably comfortable seat and absolute comfort.
All the products and systems are characterised by development in practical situations and testing under actual conditions in cooperation with experts from the most diverse specialisms. As a result Comfort Line products have progressed in the last 10 years from being an insider’s tip to become an international trademark.
My lad and I cycle with Black Mamba Carbon saddle from Comfort Line on the bike and the racing cycle. They are extremely light, flexible and superbly comfortable. They are also extremely stable. We cycle about 10,000 to 15,000 km during the year. We take part in mountain bike marathons, the Ischgl Ironbike event, road races, 12-hour races and the Trans Germany. Since we are mindful of every gram of weight on the bike, we have already tried many different saddle, with the result that we have spent a lot of money, without finding the right saddle. At some stage we came across Comfort Line Carbon saddle and thought, “Let’s try these and see if they will do.” And the fact is, we have cycled some 10,000 km on them and they are still working well. And as I said, they are superbly comfortable. So, we can only recommend Comfort Line saddle, for with the Black Mamba Warranty they offer you fantastic after sales service which makes it even better sense to buy these saddle.
In selected, qualified specialist retail outlets you can personally test the fit of the various shapes of saddle and find the ideal saddle for you. Comfort Line specialist dealers and partners will give individual, competent advice in the shop.
Daily we are asked: how do I go about finding the right saddle? To find out which saddle is the right model for you as an individual, it is essential to seek advice. We realise, of course, that that is not achieved with a quick visit to a specialist retailer. It is only after cycling considerable distances on your own cycle and in your personal posture that you can be sure that the chosen model is the right one for you. And so, for this very reason we offer a 4 week test and comfort guarantee. No-one should need to worry that they have bought a saddle for the nth time and it was a waste of money yet again. To date we have always succeeded in matching the correct saddle to each cyclist.
Be the next customer to benefit from individual advice from a Comfort Line specialist retailer near you. Comfort Line – your partner for problem-free cycling!
Make cycling a real pleasure once more!

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