The largest project in the history of bicycle saddles.

Bionics is the foundation of this revolutionary sitting system

Bionics deals with the deciphering of the “invention of living nature” and its innovative implementation in technology. The appearance, as well as the construction and motion process of the relax IG saddle was created with the human spine, as well as the ray (fish), in mind.

Bionics is composed of biology and technology and expresses how principles derived from biology can be used for technical applications. Bionics is systematic learning from nature. For this purpose, there a countless examples from the automobile industry, as well as air transport, as well as others.


Function and advantages of the relax IQ

  • no long acclimatisation periods, is unbelievably comfortable from the start
  • adapts exactly to the musculoskeletal system of the cyclist – from knees, hips, pelvis, lumbar to the cervical vertebrae
  • relieves all problem areas such as pelvic bone, pubic bone, prostate, urethra, etc.
  • prevents every type of unpleasant pressure point

Due to the construction, possesses the best shock absorbing characteristics that a saddle can have. Whether it be rough terrains that are found out in the open or frequent fine shocks such as cobblestone, gravel and unevenness on the road – each rib reacts individually to the loads.

 Application possibilities of the relax IQ

  • fits on every bicycle or home trainer
  • is suitable for cyclists who want to experience bicycling or training at home without pain. Even if there are medical problems, a medically prescribed “cycling ban” can be lifted. However, please consult your physician.
  • can be a therapeutic aid for all types of pelvic, hip, lumbar or back problems while cycling or using your home trainer, spinning bike, etc.