Conventional bicycle saddles are like sitting on a beam. That contradicts the human anatomy and is actually questionable as far as health is concerned. Incorrect sitting is responsible for problems with the urethra, blood vessels and nerves (pressure discomfort), circulation, disks and the spine, as well as the sexual function.

The saddle concept RELAX 2 by Comfort Line® allows for correct and healthy sitting positions (principle of the shell seat) and offers women and men the best anatomic prerequisites for healthy and comfortable cycling and training at home.



with saddle support 25,0 mm

item no. 24001

PZN-No. 9188643

with saddle support 25,2 mm

item no. 24007

PZN-No. 9100252
with saddle support25,4 mm item no. 24002 PZN-No. 9188666
with saddle support 27,2 mm item no. 24003 PZN-No. 9188672
without saddle support item no. 24004 PZN-No. 9100246


Please observe that the size information for the saddle support refers to the pipe diameter!

Detailed information can be found in the note field to the right!

You can acquire appropriate installation sleeves for other pipe dimensions.

relax 2 by ComfortLine® allows for sitting without pain on the saddle – even with medical problem cases – consult your physician.


  • ergonomic adjusted seat shell
  • no bothersome middle horn
  • individually adjustable
  • a completely new and comfortable cycling and sitting experience


  • load optimised and durable HiTech foam cushioning
  • integrated front support with rustproof spring steel
  • integrated saddle support made of high quality and load optimised aluminium
  • approved up to 120 kg (according to DIN 79100)