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Where to buy our bike saddles

You can buy our products at many different places

  1. "DIE SATTELKOMPETENZ" -> these are our top retail locations which offer all of our product line and provide you with perfect service and advice. Find the list below.
  2. Shops -> about 2.500 Dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer Comfort Line products and can order evrything that is not on stock. Just contact us, so we can help you find a dealer near you.
  3. Pharmacies -> more than 21.000 german pharmacies have our medical approved bike saddles in their assorment available through the "PZN" number (Pharmazentralnummer). Pharmacies won´t assist you in installation. The complete list of all our saddles with a drug number can be found here:   bike saddles with drug number.             

We love to help you, just give us a call +49-8303-929-101

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Dear visitor, here you will find only the COMFORTLINE shops that occur under the common name "DIE SATTELKOMPETENZ"!

In these stores you can find everything on the spot to experience ergonomic and comfortable seating on your bike:

  • professional advice on the subject of "optimal seating position" to the preparation of your personal saddle the perfect bike fitting
  • Competence in medical topics and issues, supported by a professional network of urologists, physical therapists, clinics etc.Physiotherameter
  • the complete COMFORTLINE saddle program extensive retail and testing capabilities
  • the best service!